14 Oct

One of the things that you often hear from Afghan military commanders in particular, is that they feel that their partners on the other side, whether it’s NATO or the US, just don’t trust them enough to share intelligence before planning for an operation.

In addition that, of course, there are some serious problems just in terms of the level of, you know, recruits who are coming in. I mean you have big problems with illiteracy and I think something like 78 per cent of the entire military is unable to read at the first grade level and it’s actually worse than the national average, which is about 48 per cent of the overall population.

Also, you have drug addiction problems, which are also quite serious. But I think people often forget that one of the other challenges faced by the Afghan military and police is that these men are often online for three years at a time, on the battlefield with very little in the way of respite.


Candace Rondeaux, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst based in Kabul, speaks on ABC’s PM Radio about the problems underlying Afghan security forces



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