16 Sep
"What most of the fighters want to do is not be in the army or the police. They want to go start businesses or have regular jobs based on their training or what their interests are. But the problem with that is, who are going to be the security forces? And that’s a big question mark…. The timeframe we’re talking about is two to three – up to ten years – before the Libyan security forces are in a position to confront all the challenges we’re talking about. Whereas, right now, we’re talking about action in days, weeks or months which, as we’ve been saying, will depend on these armed groups operating almost in a voluntary way or under contract with the government to do the government’s business."

—William Lawrence, Crisis Group’s North Africa Project Director, on what the Libyan government can do to provide security, in “QUICKTAKE: Libya’s Enduring Conflicts – William Lawrence,” Middle East Voices


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